Dear Reader!

We are living in a rapidly changing world where we are being challenged in many unexpected ways. Challenges might feel uncomfortable at times, but they also give us great opportunities which we might have not thought of, or dared to initiate before. 

In such times, we asked ourselves: ‘what exactly makes us happy’? Freedom, good food, friends, fresh air, space, spending time with like-minded people, a meaningful pursuit, sleeping under the stars … were some of our answers.

This led us to realise that a way to create the above would be to live in a village, on a farm, in the form of an “Intentional Sustainable Community”.

In our beautiful Namibia, we are many wanting to live a happy life, in nature, enjoying a sustainable and abundant lifestyle. But only few can afford a farm … and if indeed we can, an isolated and difficult life with never enough hours in the day often ends up being not so joyous…

We thus came together to build ecovillages to enable a co-existence of old and young, a life in a sustainable and regenerating environment, sharing the workload, endeavouring to grow organic food, living and working according to permaculture principles and enjoying each other’s support in all of life’s facets.

Our founding team came together early in 2020… in time for the Covid crisis. Now there are already 5 ecovillage projects throughout Namibian from people of all walks of life, involved in the process of converting our common dream into reality! 

Now that we are clearer on the way forward and have done most of the paperwork to give structure to the dream, we are looking for more land of our dreams, and we are ready to open up to new villagers who might fit in with us.

We are also more than willing to assist any other groups in starting to build this dream. We opensource all our learnings and share our knowledge and experience as much as we can. Everyone is more than welcome to contact us!

Below you’ll find links to our more detailed brochures. Feel free to download, read at leisure and share with your network 🙂

And although there is still much to learn and explore, if what you read here talks to you, please get in touch 🙂 !

The founding team