Seeds Ecovillage

Formed in 2021, Seeds Ecovillage is the most developed Ecovillage in Namibia. Located about 2 hours south-east of Windhoek

Good Earth Village and Learning Centre

A small tightly knit community plus a farm learning centre where students are paid to learn. We focus on students who don’t excel at school and thus have little chance of a great career in the industrial world. Located about 90 minutes north-east of Windhoek.

Omaheke Co-Existence Eco Village

This up and coming ecovillage in Eiseb fosters the coexistence between the San and the Ovaherero/Mbanderu people, whom currently live in hostilities. The village is about 4 hours drive to the east of Windhoek

Omuthiya Natural Springs EcoVillage

Situated 10km outside of Etosha National Park, this aspiring Ecovillage is being developed as part of the EcoVillage Development Education program in GEN Africa. Omithuya Springs EcoVillage will officially open in 2023 and is home to a global Permaculture team empowering knowledge-transfers in the fields of biochar, renewable energy, EcoVillage Design, waste management, and sustainability.